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Chiropractor Lombard IL Jim Sronkoski



My journey into health and wellness started in middle school when my gym teacher boldly pronounced, “If you do not take care of your body through diet and exercise you will suffer the consequences of disease.”

Scared that I was going to face an early demise, I started to watch what I ate. I gave up soda and started to lift weights. Into high school, I was the weird kid that didn't buy lunch from the cafeteria but instead packed my own (something I still do!). Through high school I became more interested in anatomy and weight lifting which led me to pursue my degree in Kinesiology at Northern Illinois University. At NIU, I joined the rugby team and was introduced to chiropractic when I hurt my shoulder. This form of healthcare was new to me but it resonated. Through chiropractic and some soft tissue techniques my shoulder was better after a couple sessions. The more I learned about chiropractic the more I knew that it was the path for me. Then when I figured out I could play rugby at Palmer Chiropractic College in Davenport, Iowa and become a chiropractor, I was sold.

After graduating in 2016, I worked as an associate for the chiropractor that had helped me in college. While there I learned the power of combining chiropractic with physiotherapy. Working on both the joints and the muscles helped our patients tremendously.

Currently, as director of BrightLife Clinic - Lombard I recognize the benefit of combining services. Whether it's chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage, decompression, posture correction, etc the patient's treatment plan is tailored to fit their current needs. My team and I look forward to providing the highest quality care while helping our patients return to living healthy lifestyles with the least amount of pain as possible.

While not in the clinic, I enjoy spending time with my wife and four children. Our lives are crazy busy but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Chiropractic Lombard IL Chrissy Karl

Office Manager


I have been in the Chiropractic industry going on 18 years. After a basketball injury in high school, I started treatment at a local clinic and then began working there during my off seasons. I continued regular treatment through college until I graduated. Chiropractic literally got me through years of multiple basketball injuries.

I graduated from North Central College with a bachelor's of Science in Sport Management & Business Administration. While at North Central I was Captain of the Women's Basketball Team for two years. After trying my hand as operations manager for a Sports Facility, I missed being able to really help people feel better and make a difference in their lives and decided to return to the industry I feel I belonged in.

Here at BrightLife as the office manager I strive to make our clinic the best it can be for our patients and staff. I have been trained in various techniques throughout my years of experience, so you will often see me all over the clinic. I look forward to helping people change their lives and reach their health goals.

Outside of the office when I'm not singing with my band, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our 3 pets.

Chiropractic Lombard IL Kassandra Darrus

Head Physical Therapy Assistant


Ever since I was young, I've always known that I had a passion for helping others. I knew I was meant to be in the medical field, but I had a hard time finding the perfect field for me. Until I stumbled on this amazing video of a little boy walking within his rolling walker.

He was so proud he was able to take steps he told his puppy, "Look Maggie, I'm walking Maggie!" At that moment, after watching it 20 times and sobbing my eyes out, I knew I was meant to be in Physical Therapy.

I quickly joined the Physical Therapy Assistant Program at College of Dupage. It became very clear to me right away that therapy was my passion. There I was able to learn the benefits of Mobility and Movement in terms of healing the body. I was able to learn skilled techniques such as, Massage, Joint Mobilizations, PNF patterns, Gait analysis, and much more. I also learned different forms of Modalities to heal the body. Some to mention would be Electrical Stimulation, Fluidotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Ultrasound, Diathermy, etc… I was able to apply my skills through my clinical rotations. There I was able to gain first-hand knowledge of treating patients and developing proper treatment plans according to the evaluation from the DPT.

Here at BrightLife I have been able to implement the training and techniques I have, as well as incorporate the new teachings I have learned under the supervision of Dr. Jim. Here we focus on healing the body through Physiotherapy, Massage, Chiropractic adjustments, Decompression, Muscle Stripping, Cupping, Sanexas for neuropathy, and Physical Therapy. I've been able to learn and grow so much here at Bright Life, and I can't wait to assist you in the journey of healing your body and becoming a better you.


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